Always tired

No matter how much sleep I get. I always feel like I could use more.

Ex came over for a little bit yesterday. Other than that, I did a lot of self-care… Yoga, exercise, meditation, crochet, coloring, read a lil, & did my nails. I put together some ideas for the kids this weekend. I’m bringing my tarot cards, in case the teen wants to play with them. I thought I could take her to shoot some pics since she likes photography, but I think the rain’s gonna ruin that idea. And I grabbed almost all of my jewelry making stuff, including stuff that I think the little kids could do, but I need to get them some stretchy string.

Today, I’ve gotta clean a bit & finish getting ready for “camping”. “New friend” is gonna come over for a lil bit, & then we’re going to a concert together. I hope he has fun; Especially considering how much driving he has to do. Then I gotta get my car, & maybe we’ll go get something to eat before heading down yonder. I’m planning to spend a couple days down there this time. The idea of that alongside the concert has my anxiety a lil off the wall, but I’m sure I’ll be ok.


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