Lil slow…

I haven’t written since Monday… :/

Therapy was nice Monday; she picked a few things off my to do list for me to try to focus on before my next visit. Ex came over & hung out for a bit. He was having a rough day, so we got pizza & wings & relaxed. He made an appointment to meet with a counselor at the same place I go to, lol. Tuesday, ex came over for a while again, after his appointment; he liked the therapist a lot. He hung out while I got a bunch of stuff done. And then he came over again yesterday lol. We ran my errands real quick, & then headed down south an hour or so to scope out his uncle’s property. It was a good hour hike, but it was really nice. He’s pretty excited about it. I drove him by my cousin’s land too, but we were too tired to stop & say hi.

He just texted me to say he got a new job, thankfully. He was running out of credit, heh. Anyway… today I’m taking a “me day”. I’m itching to do some drawing & crafts….


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