nice day

Well, I went to the “fairy garden festival”, since there was supposed to be stuff there for adults…but there wasn’t. So, I bought a houseplant, a pot, & a couple of little fairy garden decor items, lol! Ran a couple errands. Ex came over for a few hours; he’s gonna go pick us both up a venus fly trap tomorrow, & he did a tarot spread lol.

Went to that concert. Had to take a Xanax when I was almost there. Really glad I took my tiny car, cuz I had enough trouble trying to park haha. Everyone I encountered was very nice. The first band was already playing when I got there. They were quite fun. Went to the bar for a second water between sets, & I saw “old friend” at the other side of the bar.  We didn’t catch eyes, but I’m sure he saw me. I put myself in spots where I wasn’t very near him, but he did have opportunities to walk over & say something, if he wanted. I kept my distance out of respect, & because I was trying to get in with the crowd that was kind of dancing. Barely, hahaha. I made more room around myself just swaying & bouncing than anyone I saw, lol! I saw a little bit of a mosh pit start for a couple minutes, & I was gonna go try to hang out at the edge of it til I realized they were right in front of “old friend”. The one dude even bumped into him pretty good; looked like some karma to me, LOL!!! I’m disappointed that he’s such a stubborn prick that he’s still being a stupid bitch after 5 years, but I expected it. That’s how he gets – cold & distant. Funny, the tarot draw I did a few days ago..the 2 cards I pulled about him were accurate. I asked if he would be there, & the card implied that yes he would & there would be resistance. I asked for any advice about him, & the card I pulled implied…that he’s kind of an asshole lol. So, it may take me a couple weeks to bounce back from that rejection, but I don’t think I’m too bothered. I know he’s an asshole. And I know I have better people in my life now.


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