lovely weekend so far

So, before I left for camping Friday, I texted my cousin’s friend & said “I hope you’re not upset. I also hope you like curry.” He said he wasn’t upset, but I was still worried heh. Ex came over & hung out for a few hours before I left, so I was running extra behind. Got to my aunt’s almost an hour late. She said the kids were nervous to meet me; I asked her if she told them I felt the same lol. They were really cool though. The boy warmed up to me pretty quick, & so did the girl. She & I have a little bit in common. The boy is a bit sensitive & gets upset pretty easily, especially when his grampa (my cousin) is teasing him; I used to feel the same way in the same situation, lol. So, he drove the kids down, & I headed down a half hour later. Still got there first, somehow. Ended up just me & his friend for the first half hour or so, which made me nervous lol, but he seemed ok. He stuck to Zimas all night, lol. After my cousin got there, he set the girl & her friend up with a movie, & he & the boy hung out with us for the rest of the night. We taught him how to play pool, & now he loves it. My cousin went to bed first, the kid was up with us til about 3, & so me & my cousin’s friend were up til 6 talking. We talked a little bit about us, & he said he understands & is fine with it. So, we’re friends now, haha. I hope that’s ok. He let me sleep in his camper cuz the boy stole my usual bed, hehe. We hung out a whole lot yesterday. In the morning, I went for a walk down by the creek. I ran into the neighbor’s dog on the way, so she joined me & took a couple dips in the water while I did my yoga & meditation. When I came back, my cousin’s friend took me to get coffee in his limo; I wouldn’t let him pay hehe. Hung out a bit. I made beef, fish, & shrimp tacos (3 different kinds lol) for lunch. Everyone seemed to enjoy them. I couldn’t find my phone for forever, so my cousin’s friend (I should just start calling him my friend) was trying to help me. We’re standing outside, he jumps in front of me & goes “look over my shoulder”, & there it was, sitting on the table right in front of my cousin’s camper, lol. My aunt showed up right after lunch, so I spent a little time with her before I left. And my new friend (lol) said he’ll still go with me to the concert later this week, so we’ll have to make some plans. *sigh* hahaha…..I really like him. I like hanging out with him, & talking to him, & he’s quite handsome. I really dig his sideburns lol!!! But I know I can’t let anything happen right now, not with how overstuffed my brain is. He really reminds me of “old friend”…

So, I may run into “old friend” tonight. Not getting my hopes up. Don’t really care either way right now, honestly, because my life is full enough thanks to my family. But tonight will be an experience, regardless. I’ve never gone to a show alone, so I’m pretty nervous. But, I’m going to take a Xanax & avoid drinking, so I should be just fine. Ex is gonna come over shortly. I kinda wanna go to this “fairy garden festival” at a local nursery, so we’ll see.


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