I couldn’t sleep for shit last night…

Yesterday, ex came over for a little while. I made curry. I had to talk to my cousin’s friend cuz, according to my cousin, “sounds like he’s ready to get married” lol. So, I tried being very straightforward & honest, but he turned it on himself. So, I told him he can’t take it so personally, because it’s not personal at all. Haven’t heard from him since. And I feel really bad. Even though I know I shouldn’t, cuz all I did was reiterate things I’ve already said. Still, I’m upset that he’s a bit upset. Blah. So, I couldn’t sleep. I tossed & turned for about 6 hours, with some getting up & trying to get sleepy thrown in. I really wanted to text cousin’s friend, cuz I’m sure he was up, but I felt like I shouldn’t, so I didn’t. Finally fell asleep around 6am, woke up nauseous at 9, & then woke up with a crazy sinus headache at noon. And my sinuses are still bothering me. I kinda just wanna lay in bed & listen to the rain for forever, heh.

Not sure what to do with myself right now. Ex has to drop something off for me in a little bit. I’ve got a few chores I could take care of. Maybe I should take some ibuprofin on top of my allergy meds… Gotta go “camping” tonight, so I gotta text my cousin’s friend & try to make sure he’s not too upset. Gotta gather stuff to make lunch tomorrow. Gotta grab the curry I set aside for my aunt (who probably won’t like it lol), my cousin, & I saved some for my cousin’s friend. Last weekend, he asked what my favorite foods were, I mentioned my curry, & he seemed interested haha. So, I saved him some. My cousin’s grandkids are in town from out of state, & he said I’d better be around to meet them. So, that’ll be interesting with my anxiety lately heh.

Ugh my head hurts. Wish me luck!!! lol

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