Ready to crack a beer…

…well, maybe not quite yet. I had a couple last night though, heh.

My doctor’s appointment went fine yesterday. I guess. She only had the results of my blood test, not my cardiac monitor. Blood test was fine; heart issues “probably just anxiety”. Tell that to the a-fib I felt a month ago. Whatever. I’m crazy. So, it doesn’t matter. Same with the stomach problems I was experiencing for 4 years- just my anxiety, so fuck me. Waking up in the middle of the night, puking, & with such consistent diarrhea that I was eventually shitting water? Yup, just my anxiety. Fuck me.

Ex came over yesterday too. He apparently has mono, from the bitch he left me for. Enjoy your karma, asshole.

My depression’s really got me by the throat. I’m feeling worthless, hopeless, pointless, unlovable… I feel like I’m meant to be alone in this world, no matter what I do. I’m meant to suffer, & die young.



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