Feelin’ lousy…

Well, camping was fun. My cousin’s friend did, in fact, try to make out with me again. I should probably write about that more later, cuz I…I’m not sure what the fuck his deal is….. Though, I think I do… I dunno. I feel like hell.

Anyway… My cousin & I were up til 5am. For once, his friend went to bed before us. I couldn’t fall asleep til 6. Got woken up around 9, due to my little kid cousins. Ended up getting up & spending time with the kids & their parents. Went out on the boat for about an hour. Got a sunburn. Went grocery shopping with my cousin when he got up, & one of the kids. Hung out alone down by the creek for a little while. Mowed some of the friend’s lawn. Came home. Ex was upset, & is still sick (for 2 weeks now!), so he came over to relax for a while. We watched a few episodes of Orange is the New Black. Then he came over again yesterday, & we watched some more haha. Didn’t do much other than that & my responsibilities the past couple days.

Woke up today with bad cramps. Like…I think the heat’s making it worse. I love the heat, don’t get me wrong, lol! Just not so much when I’m in pain. My head hurts, I’m bloated… I just wanna lay in bed. But I have an appointment with my therapist, & then I have to do some grocery shopping (UGH!!!) Gotta take the garbage & recycling down. And that’s it. Then I can lay in bed. But I feel soooo damn lousy…


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