Perpetually haunted by the ghosts of my past.

Yup. Depression’s around the corner. Heh. Earlier today, I found myself thinking about a friend who moved back to Poland like 15+ years ago. She went on a camping trip with me & my mom. My mom didn’t want her to come, cuz she was dying & wanted to spend time with me, but she knew I was about to lose my friend as well. I miss them both.

Well, now that I’m all tearful & shit, haha… Anyway… Ahh, ice cream LOL. So, I tried to get my eye exam & stuff, but both places I went to were too busy. Deposited my father’s checks, & dropped a bunch of stuff off at Salvy. Ex was saying he was feeling better earlier today, but then he crashed back into sickness. He said he didn’t wanna be at his place for whatever reason, so I told him to come over, lay down, & watch some tv while I mow the lawn. Which is what happened haha. I came in & we watched some Star Trek : TNG, & he went home. I don’t even know what I’m been doing since. Eating, mostly, lol. I made salmon filets for dinner. My father stole a couple cigarettes from me, then tried bitching at me for taking one back, then laughed in my face when I yelled back at him. He’s such a cunt.

So, I’m looking forward to getting the fuck away from him for a day. Camping, as usual, tomorrow. Hopefully I don’t have to murder my cousin’s friend for trying to make out with me, lol. That shit’s gotta stop. Especially with the state of mind I have rolling in… :/


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