Gettin’ cranky…

…so I know depression is around the corner. And sluggish. Can’t forget sluggish.

Lemme get my cranky out real quick… Spent some time on 7cups this morning again. Could only spread some good vibes to one person, though. I’ve been getting a little aggravated with certain aspects of the site though. For one thing, their guided meditations are GOD FUCKING AWFUL. Some of the worst I’ve heard. They’re spoken too quickly, or too randomly (no assistive patterns), or too quietly at times. I tried to force myself through one today…I had to stop after about 2 minutes cuz I wanted to punch my computer lol. Dude with a British accent, mumbling half the pointless shit (“notice your feet”…I usually do, thank you). 15 seconds in, “visualize your head floating”…can’t we start with breathing?! Lol. I can’t really visualize random things til I calm myself physically, & acknowledging my feet isn’t very calming lol….. Another thing that bothers me on the site is one of the “listeners”, who’s a mod for one of the boards. This person doesn’t listen. I said something the other day about procrastinating getting started on my day, & they started giving me habit starting tips. WHAT?!? Someone mentioned something about an exam yesterday, & they were giving tips on writing essays. HUH?!? It’s not like this is a vocal conversation…read the text a few times if you have to, geez!!! And they tend to spew cliche bullshit, which just makes me super angry heh.

So, anyway… Here I am again, procrastinating starting my day. I wanna go get new glasses & contacts (since I’m about 6 years overdue for an eye exam), drop some stuff off at Salvation Army, & deposit the last of my father’s checks. I don’t think I’m gonna have time for all that now. :/ Plus, I should mow the lawn later. Though I don’t want to, heh. Ugh, & I have to get gas! Shittles!!! I want to get it in the second town I have to go to, but I don’t know if I have enough to make it there on what I’ve got….. I really don’t wanna get it in my own town, since it’s like $.10 more. Not that it really fucking matters, lol.

I’ll stop rambling for now…


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