Running into the ground…

Well, I took 1/2 Xanax & did all the things, hahaha. I felt pretty damn good, & got a lot done. But now I feel overexhausted.

I never realized how difficult it could be for me to get the x-ray I need. Got the electric bill put in my name because they just now realized my mother’s been dead for almost 18 years. Made my first gynocologist appointment (& I’ll definitely need some Xanax for that shit, lol). Took care of my finances. Dragged the garbage down. Did dishes. Finished making my turkey soup. Went through the newspaper & the mail. Put up the pretty candleholder I bought for the living room. Ordered pizza & wings because I’ve been craving them for for a month. And cleaned in the kitchen a little bit.

No wonder I feel so exhausted. There was some self care in there too. Started reading the 3rd book in The Wilds series, which I’ve liked so far. Did some bed yoga. A couple minutes of meditation. I think I’m gonna work on a granny square & go to bed. I have a cardiologist appointment tomorrow…


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