I can’t even think of a title

Trying to keep calm & carry on, but my anxiety is winding up, & I can feel my depression is starting to wind up as well. Didn’t sleep too great, but I guess it was enough, cuz I don’t feel tired. Those hot wings I had yesterday though…I was suffering for them this morning! lol! Worth it. lolol.

Today, I gotta go have that 24-hour heart monitor put on, which I’m nervous about for no reason. Hopefully it doesn’t trigger my depression; but I think I’ll be ok. And later, I gotta have Ex help me go grocery shopping, cuz with walking the way I am, I’m not gonna be able to get my father’s beer (at the very least). And I may take care of him later, if he wants. He was pretty upset last night, so I offered to pick him up to come over & watch a movie; he was interested, but felt too lousy to get up heh.

So, I don’t really want to, but I’m pretty sure I need to, take some Xanax before my appointment with the cardiologist. My anxiety about going isn’t rational. I can’t even say it’s over sitting in the waiting room, or over having it put on me, or wearing it all day. I used to place continuous monitors on people in the ER, so I know none of this is a big deal. It still just seems overwhelming. And the hot sauce in my intestines is exacerbating my anxiety, which is upsetting my fiery intestines, and so on. lol.


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