Rainy days

But that’s ok, I love the rain. Plus, my toe is still pretty fucked, so it’s not like I’m able to do yardwork (or much else) anyway…

Really didn’t do much yesterday, but that was the plan. Watched “A Dangerous Method”, which is a movie about Freud & Jung. I liked it a lot, though I think it’s just cuz I’m a psych geek, lol. There seemed to be a couple plotholes, but I may have just been distracted. The movie ended around when Jung was beginning his experiments with “the collective unconscious” (pathworking meditations), & so also writing what eventually became “The Red Book” (which I read in its entirety a few years ago). Ex was complaining about his fever (it got up to like 104*), so I told him he needed antibiotics, or else he’s looking at either a very prolonged sickness, or a progressed sickness.

So, he called a doctor today & got some antibiotics. The doctor said it could be either bronchitis or walking pneumonia. The latter is what I was thinking, cuz I don’t think bronchitis even gets quite this brutal. If he doesn’t already have a lil pneumonia, I’m pretty sure he’d develop it if this went on much longer. Anyway… I stayed up a lil late last night, & got up at almost noon today. I gotta make some phone calls. I think I gotta take a Xanax first, cuz every time I start thinking about making phone calls, my mind & breathing starts to spin. Any time I attempt to calm it, it’s only a matter of seconds before it winds up again. …..And, in trying to sort out what I wanna do today, I’m all wound up & don’t know wtf to do. Just. Like. That. Ok… Gotta make some calls. Gotta update my finances, pay a bill, & try to take the garbage down. And maybe try to clean the bathroom. BLEH!!!!!


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