Continuing my last post…

…but I don’t feel much like going on about my cousin’s friend / neighbor. So…

Yesterday wasn’t too awkward LOL. No hickeys, but almost!!! LOL! Uhm… Went with my cousin to drop off his friend early in the morning; only got 3 hours sleep, this time cuz she woke me up asking him to take her home. Helped mow the lawns with neighbor-friend’s ATV mower. My cousin’s kids rode with me for a while, one in front of me & one in back with his arms around me. They’re 5 & 4, & very adorable & smart kids. Then I dislocated my left baby toe on my cousin’s boots. Rode around the yard with neighbor-friend & one of the kids, in his dune buggy -like thing. Suntanned in my cousin’s truck while they got firewood in another town. Then I came home. Left an hour later than I meant to, but whatever. Took care of responsibilities, ate a lil something, & crashed out hard.

Slept for like 9 hours, got up for a little bit, napped for a couple more hours. Haven’t done much else today, except the dishes. My whole body hurts from walking so weird with my toe all swollen. But it’s too much to even run a bath. Downloading a few movies, so maybe I’ll watch one later. I dunno. Can’t do much when it hurts to walk. Bleh!!!


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