Another interesting camping trip…

Well, after my last post, Ex came over for a couple hours to vent his frustrations. He’s never been so depressed in his life. I did my best to calm him down. Made him some lunch. Ended up way behind with what I wanted to do, so I didn’t get some stuff done. No biggie. Went to my aunt’s for dinner. Hung out with her for a lil while. Then headed down here around 8:30. I think. Had fun last night, tho it took 2 or 3 beers to get my anxiety to calm. My cousin brought a friend, so he had to babysit her most of the night. I ended up hanging out with his friend who kissed me a couple weeks ago. And guess what happened?? LOL! This is why I’m posting… We probably made out for like 20 minutes or so. It seems like he really likes me, heh. Like, really really lol. He said he just feels this connection between us from the start lol. He was venting all this shit about his childhood, and about his ex, who really made a mess of things last weekend. And what’s funny is, he barely even drank heh. So, he kissed me. And he’s actually pretty fun to make out with LOL!! I seriously don’t think I’ve ever been kissed with such… passion? I dunno. I definitely slowed him down when he was grabbing my ass and tits. But I let him get a lil LOL. He kept trying to give me a hickey, I was like my cousins will murder you lol. I forgot to check if he succeeded lol. Nobody said anything, so I assume I’m safe hahaha. He wouldn’t stop, tho. I kept giving him reasons to, like “I can’t be doing this right now, I’m too fucked in the head.” He just kept saying “but you’re having fun, aren’t you?!” And I kinda was, lol. But like I told him, I’m not trying to fuck with his head. And I don’t want him to set the goal of banging me lol. I’m not really attracted to him. I mean, he’s not hideous, especially for his age. Just not my type. Plus, his daughter is a year younger than me. Then again, his mother is my father’s age.

…..never got to finish this post, heh…..

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