My brain hurts…

…but we’ll get to that in a minute, heh…

I was probably a little too productive yesterday. Cooked up my turkey; stripped it, put the carcass in the slow cooker, & made turkey broth for soup (and it smells really fuckin’ good…& I don’t even like turkey that much haha). Made homemade mashed potatoes & (half homemade) gravy, & some frozen corn for dinner. And since I had the kitchen arranged so that I can get in the oven, I made up some frozen oatmeal raisin cookie dough (& my father actually mentioned how much he liked them!) Beyond that, I cleaned in the attic for a half hour, vacuumed & cleaned the vacuum, got smokes, did 150,000 dishes lol, & some other chores.

Woke up feeling pretty good. But now my brain hurts. Ex quit his job yesterday. I kept him from it for as long as I could. I didn’t want him to fuck up a decent reference. But his shitty feelings about everything that’s happened are only magnified when he’d go to work cuz of his “girlfriend” (who’s staying with her husband, & just put in her notice as well). But, he didn’t even put in notice, he just did a “no call, no show”. Which is awful. So today, he sent me a text saying he’d gotten a letter dismissing him from college for failing an academic foundations course twice. He’s only got a few classes before he graduates, so I can’t believe they’d actually dismiss him without letting him fight for it. Even though I’d been telling him to go to tutoring since the first time he took the class, & he refused. That kills me though, if they don’t let him do something about it. I put in enough work of my own just getting him to go to school LOL (he was encouraged to drop out of high school, he was such a careless student). And he got almost all A’s; I was so proud, & I think he was a bit proud of himself too. Now this shit. So, now I’m stressing about that. Even though it’s not my life. Even though it could be his karma. At the same time, I can’t help but wonder what the fuck is going on with him. Hopefully this is just the universe shedding a bunch of bullshit so that he can grow & move on to where he needs to be in his life. Me included, to some degree. But I can’t help but worry. He’s not himself anymore; his words. Not since the hookers, heh. But these past couple months have been pretty wild for him. He said a while ago he wished he’d been content being boring. Now, he left me, his “girlfriend” broke things off, he’s living in a room at his brother’s house, he’s unemployed, & he got kicked out of school. I can’t help but be concerned. But I need to relax a bit. I have enough shit on my mind.

Today, I need to run to Salvy & drop some attic stuff off. I was running out of room up there, & a lot of it is stuff that I can’t fit into the recycling bin all at once, & a lot of it is stuff that needs to be given away. So, I filled my trunk yesterday, which I’ll need tonight for “camping”. I’ve gotta do laundry, & I’ve gotta pay some bills. Gotta meet my cousin at my aunt’s for dinner later, & then we go down for drinks. My intestines are cranky, probably from ex’s stress.


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