I hate not being able to sleep right. The past few days have been a bit rough in that department. I keep waking up, & I’m not sure why. Sometimes I think it’s the birds outside, and/or my cats trying to get a peek at them. But usually, I can’t figure out a reason. One of the times I woke up, I immediately noticed that some of my XMas lights went out, & almost got up to put it on my to do list. But I didn’t. Cuz that would’ve been retarded. lol.

I felt pretty awesome yesterday, haha. Got my lab work done. Went to BK, took 1/2 Xanax in anticipation of anxiety when I tried to get my X-Ray taken care off. Went to the X-Ray place, but they “don’t do scoliosis studies”. I wonder what difference it makes. So, I went & deposited some of my father’s checks that I’ve had laying around; I think I’m gonna finish them off next week. Cleaned the inside of the car. Did some other chores. Daydreamed about “old friend” a bit…

All I really have to do today is get smokes. I think I’m gonna wait til this evening, though. I gotta cook up this goddamn turkey breast that’s been taking up space in my freezer for a few months; I don’t even want it, never did, but it was free hahaha. And I should clean the kitchen while that’s in the oven. And do a bunch of random things. I picked a few places to call to try to find somewhere that does do scoliosis studies, but I don’t know if I’m gonna bother with that today; I might just put it off til tomorrow. I’ve got a pretty busy month ahead, & none of it is fun until the end of the month. Heh. Bleh!


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