I don’t know where to start…just cuz Ex just told me he might actually be going to therapy this month. It’s about fucking time. (For the both of us.)

Anyway… Therapy was kinda fun yesterday. It was just me & her; the social worker couldn’t make it, & so she was a little more relaxed herself. I think I’m one of her favorite patients… when I’m not a crying panicky mess LOL. She said I make her laugh, & she said I have a lot of nervousness in my laugh. We (I think kinda randomly) got into all the loss I’ve experienced in my life, & she said that provides a lot of insight into my anxiety & depression, & a bit of numbness toward relationships & loss. (There was a lot of loss, starting quite young.) After that, I went to WalMart; got into a quick cute conversation with a handsome friendly young man, lol. Came home & got through to the cardiologist; I think I go in next week for my 24 hour monitor. Mowed the lawn, so that made me happy. And that’s about it. Except for the letter I got from the electric company, offering condolences for my mom’s passing, & saying they’ll shut the power off if we don’t switch the name within the next couple weeks. Funny, she’s been dead almost 18 years LOL; my father just never switched it to his name cuz he’s a lazy turd. I wonder how they’re just finding out now.

Today, I gotta go get my blood test / UA done. I might take another halfa Xanax & try to get my X-Ray done today too. And call the electric company later. I’m hungry, but my blood test is 12 hour fasting. And it’s been almost 12 hours. So, I should get in the shower so I can shove a burger in my face after the blood test, haha.


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