Well, my cousin didn’t come over yesterday. Big surprise there. He’s aggravating. Glad I didn’t tidy up too much in anticipation, but I was definitely getting ready. Ex even came over to help me set up the tv in the living room. Which was nice cuz I ended up enjoying it for a little bit last night, haha. So, I ended up cleaning the house a bit.

Today, I have therapy & then I’ve gotta go to the store. After I get home, I may try calling the cardiologist again. Or I’ll wait til tomorrow, we’ll see. My stomach’s bothering me a bit for some reason, though my anxiety is just starting to swell. I woke up early for some reason. So, I’m tired. And I kinda just wanna go back to bed. I gotta take some Xanax before I leave, cuz I think I might need it heh.


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