Me Day

I feel pretty selfish for taking a me day when I’m unemployed & have so much shit to do. But I’m realizing that that’s kind of what I need to do to keep from running myself into the ground. Just wanted to get that out of the way, heh.

Well, my father wasn’t interested in going camping, & my cousin said he’d come up here for lunch or something when they head home tomorrow. So, I decided to clean half of the bathroom & do some other chores. Otherwise, I took a “me day”, to try to figure out how to relax. I did all kind of shit in just a few hours, lol. Took a shower, then a bath lol, had a small glass of wine, worked on a page in my coloring book, then a granny square, read a little, meditated, did yoga, did a little exercise, painted my nails, & laid down & watched some tv. Dozed off a little bit too. It was nice. Candles & glitter lamp all day, baby. Lol! It was nice. And I did manage to relax a little bit. Which is good cuz I was pretty anxiety fried from camping / drinking the other night, haha. My cousin wanted me to come back down today, & was shocked when I said I was still recovering, heh. He just doesn’t understand that I don’t normally drink, nor do I often hang out with a bunch of people. Whatevs. Wonder what time they’re coming tomorrow…..


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