I don’t want today. Heh.  I wish I could take some Xanax, but I plan to drink my ass off tonight, & I’m not sure… So I googled it, lol. Basically, with how much I plan to drink tonight, I probably shouldn’t take the Xanax. Xanax is a sedative (calms the respiratory & central nervous systems) & affects GABA in your brain, like alcohol. (GABA affects inhibitions, I believe.) And because of the metabolic breakdown of the Xanax (effects wear off after a few hours, but it stays in your system for a few days), it can…make you a cheap date LOL. A little too cheap, considering the two could likely mingle in your system, getting you super drunk super quick. Meaning you could easily over-calm your systems, leading to death, or coma. That’s my summary.

Anyway… I gotta get a shower soon. Then I have to get my father up, if he isn’t by then. Get him some food & his pills. Then get him to the doctor by 2:15. It should only be a 15 minute appointment; the doctor wants to check his O2 saturation & review his follow up blood test. Thus why I want some Xanax. And because I have to try to talk him into getting something notarized…though I may put that off til next week or something. Then tonight, I’m going camping. One of my cousins should already be down there, assumingly with his wife & kids, which is anxiety provoking; I might try to suck up to the kids with some dollar tree junk, lol. Then my usual cousin is coming down after work, for our usual partying, I assume. Ya never know, heh.


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