I’ve been a fan of the activities on for a while. I was on the site daily for over a year, then gave up on it for over a year (cuz nothing was helping my depression), & have been back at it for…a month now? I get aggravated with some of the activities, though. I hate being told to share with people I know, since I don’t know enough people to feel like sharing. Rather…I feel like they have enough going on, heh. (Back to the burden mindset.) Anyway… the activity I just did encouraged taking a class & learning something new. Something you have passion for. …..I can’t think of anything. I have quite a passion for psychology, & happiness, & trying to keep myself from drowning in depression & anxiety. That’s something I’ve been passionate about for a very long time. I like to think I know just about every “trick” in the book, both scientifically & spiritually. Hell, I even took every psych-related class I could when I went to community college years ago. Double hell, I’ve aced intro to psych twice now (& failed it the first time cuz my teacher was obsessed with animal psych & her dogs lol), & been a tutor! I can’t really think of anything else. And I’ve taken classes already. And nobody listens to me when I gently try to help them with their problems, lol. Not even me, LOL!!! *sigh*

Anyway… I’ve already wasted an hour going through my emails & doing activities on happify / 7cups. I feel pretty zen about it, but now I gotta find some momentum & get something done. The only thing I have planned for today is to clean a little something or two, & go get groceries later. I haven’t cleaned in my father’s room in a while, so I’ll probably start there. And I gotta make sure to take care of myself a bit later, cuz I know I’m gonna run myself into the ground like yesterday.


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