And this is why

(I hate making phone calls)… I called, got voicemail, said they’re on lunch (as well as way too many other things). So, I called after lunch, voicemail. Called 2 more times, got hung up on while listening to the voicemail. Realized they might have had a problem with telemarketers or something, & it might have been set to hang up on me for calling so many times, lol. Ugh. I just wanted to talk to a person! For a change, lol!! They’re closed tomorrow, so I’m gonna try Tuesday (since Monday is a holiday). Dammit.

So, I did some yardwork today since it was nice out. And since it’s supposed to rain the next couple days, I think. Worked on the path around the garage. With a hacksaw. Took out some raspberry bushes. Started taking out branches of the bushes blocking the electric meter. After 2 1/2 hours of that, I dragged my trimmings across the yard to their piles. Then, I spent about an hour burning down my piles. A tiny bit, heh. There’s enough for 500 of those fires, lol. Made a few marshmallows & enjoyed a beer, haha.

Came inside & took care of some stuff. Took a shower. My legs are all scratched up from the damn raspberry bushes. I’ve been really really drained ever since. Laid down for about 45 minutes, & I’m still exhausted. I should eat something, but I don’t feel like it, heh. I jammed my toes pretty bad breaking branches earlier, so now I wanna do my nails. Heh. Maybe I should do that & then force feed myself heh…..


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