I loathe making phone calls…

I know I always build phone calls up to be a big deal in my head. I don’t know why. Oh yeah, I do…low self esteem. I feel stupid, especially if I don’t have the information needed while I’m on the phone.

I have to call a cardiologist. I need a 24 hour holter monitor. I don’t wanna go to the place my doctor referred me to because it’s too far away for me to have to go there 2 days in a row. So, I found a cardiologist that’s closer, but they’re not accepting new patients. Though, I don’t need to become a patient to have this test done, do I?! I wouldn’t think so… If so, I have to find someone else to go to, that my insurance approves of.

Ok, here goes….. They’re at lunch for another hour. Of course, since I built up the balls to call pretty quickly, lol.

Well, other than that, all I have planned for the day is to work on sawing some stuff out from in front of the house. I asked ex to do it the past couple summers, but he couldn’t do it with the chainsaw I bought. So, now I have to do it by hand…..

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