Well, I had a pretty rough morning. Kept waking up all night with awful cramps, even after taking Ibuprofin. When I had to get up, still cramps. Got ready & went to a doctor’s appointment. Told him I’m scared of antidepressants, which I kind of am. So, he gave me a month’s supply of Xanax. Which I’m scared to take, for no reason, heh. Even though I know it works, & it’s what I wanted. I’m scared I’m gonna run out of them or something lol. I don’t wanna take them if I don’t have to. Especially since the effects only last a few hours. Am I supposed to take a dose daily? …No, as needed. I could certainly use them today, but I don’t have much to do, so I don’t wanna waste them. I certainly could’ve used them prior to the appointment, heh. I’m rambling….. I was craving a small coffee, so now that’s fueling me a bit, heh. Physically, lol.

I think I might go do some yardwork. Cut down some small trees or something. Cuz it’s nice out, & I’m not gonna be able to take a nap with this coffee… But I don’t know if I’d be physically pushing myself too much, with how shitty I was feeling earlier. And I don’t have a lot of energy… Maybe just a half hour…


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