Anxiety isn’t my superpower

I wish it was. Meaning, I wish I could figure out a way for it to fuel me, without it pushing me beyond my limits…

Felt pretty good about how productive I was yesterday, though I didn’t get a whole lot done. (Then again, I never feel like I do enough.) Woke up feeling like hell this morning. Don’t think I got enough sleep. Physically, I feel alright now; just tired. And chasing my tail with anxiety. I tried not to give myself too many to dos today, at least to start. My main goal is to call the radiology place around the corner & make an appointment. My main anxiety with this is that I have an “order requisition” for another facility…& I don’t know if a requisition is the same as a referral, where I can take the piece of paper into any place my insurance is accepted. Cuz my insurance doesn’t accept the place on the requisition, & it does accept the one I need to call. Do I call & ask them first, or my doctor? Or my insurance company? I need to ask someone, cuz I need an appointment somewhere, heh. Plus, I’d have the same question for other appointments I need to make this week. My overwhelm is starting to get to me…..

My main goal is to call the radiology place around the corner & make an appointment. “I have a piece of paper that says “xray order requisition; is…” Should I just call my doctor’s office first, & ask them?! GAH!!!

ETA : Well, I called the doctor’s office first, & yes, it is the same thing as a referral, which can be taken anywhere. So, I called the radiology place, & they said I don’t even need to make an appointment, I can just walk right on in. So, I’ll have to do that next week, heh. All that stress for nothing. Which I always know. I just can’t stop myself. At least I got it done. Hopefully the anxiety didn’t add to my heart issues, lol. Ugh.


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