What to do today…?

Don’t really feel like doing much. All I really have to do is laundry, dishes, & update my planner for the week. And maybe go down & get the newspaper. Maybe, haha. I have a variety of other things to do to choose from, so we’ll see what I get around to. Ex & I were yelling at each other last night for drinking, lol. Not really yelling, of course, but neither of us drank regularly when we were together, & now we’re both drinking regularly, heh. He keeps saying he’s gonna stop, but that’s normal- says he’s gonna stop smoking, eating like shit, sitting around so much, etc…never happens, heh. I know better…I never say I’m gonna stop something unless I mean it lol. So, I ended up making a couple granny squares. I should start working on slippers, cuz mine are fucked & I can’t find any good ones in any of the stores I’ve checked heh.

Have a good day, folks ❤


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