busy busy

Always busy. Running myself into the ground, while I feel like I can.

Spent about 3 hours on the yard, mostly mowing. Holy shit, I actually kind of had a blast on my riding mower, lol. I got stuck twice; once, I had to push it off an anthill, & then it got also got stuck in a hole, but I managed to maneuver my way out. I’m soo insanely relieved that the lawn is mowed. And almost halfway decent, LOL. Had to drag a couple of big branches across the width of the yard; but I’m glad I have a spot for stuff like that. After that, I came inside & cleaned the bathroom, which took about an hour. Took care of some other responsibilities, & then took a shower. Then I went to Wal Mart; my anxiety was a bit high, & I noticed my shoulders were super tense, heh. I ended up hiding from my pizza guy, even though he’s a sweetheart; anxiety said no, heh. Bought myself a cute rockabilly-esque apron, but that was my only splurge. I think, haha. Well, I did get myself a double cheeseburger from BK before WalMart, but that was because I forgot to eat, cuz it was getting late. Unfortunately, even though it was late, the store was still pretty busy, heh. Came home, put stuff away, ate, had a beer, & here I am. Busy busy. Gotta go to bed soon…


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