I don’t feel half bad yet…

Surprisingly. I should have my period, & IBS from hell. But I don’t…yet. I’m confused, but relieved, but weary, but hopeful. Lol.

Today, I think I’m gonna try to mow the lawn some more, since my riding mower is back; it’s supposed to rain tomorrow morning, so I figure I should get that done today before the uncut spots are as tall as me heh. I’m also a few days overdue on cleaning the bathroom, though it isn’t even bad yet; so, I should probably do that later too. I gotta work on my Bullet Journal too, since I’ve been ignoring it for the most part this past week. I ought to try to figure some shit out with my lists too. Working on dishes now…

Every time I tell strangers what I do all day, despite being unemployed, people are like “wow, that’s a lot!” Like the other day, at the doctor’s office, one of the nurses was making conversation while updating my tetanus shot, & she asked what I was up to after I left there… I said “best buy, tops, & res”, & she said it was a lot. Is it?!? I never think anything’s enough, thus why I’m constantly running myself into the ground. Shit, I spent at least 3 hours last nite, first working on my “mega list”, & then working on my “doctor to do list”. 3 fucking hours. And I couldn’t stop myself; I felt the need to flow with the momentum. For 3 fucking hours. Unbelievable…


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