Suicide Doors

by RHH is one of my favorite songs, haha. And it was the first song when I just turned on Pandora.

Not too bad of a day so far. Sunny, warmer…the weather, & my brain, heh. Maybe it was the 10 hours sleep I got, lol. Started crying when I read over last night’s post, though. Truth is truth, that’s all.

Made breakfast for myself & my father. Did most of the dishes. Gotta finish them, & maybe start some laundry. Then I should try to mow the lawn, heh. And maybe burn some stuff, but it just rained a little bit, so that probably won’t work out too well, heh. Hopefully the sun will dry out the lawn enough for me to mow… More hopefully, I can get the push mower started, heh. I can’t believe I still haven’t heard about my riding mower; I fucking hate taking it to that place. They’ve had it for over a week now. And no word about what’s wrong with it. No call to ask if I want them to go through with the repairs; they’re just gonna fix it & rape me financially when I want the fucking thing back.

I gotta go do something else now…exercise a little maybe…cuz I’m starting to get pissed off, lol… Ugh.


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