A little more refreshed…

“Your ideal routine” : “I wake up in a nice bed, with nice bedding, feeling refreshed & excited to start my day. I wear nice clothes. I have a decent breakfast at home. I don’t have to drive too far. And I work with other compassionate, ambitious people.” I haven’t played with happify.com in a while. So, I started the “ideal job” track, so I can try to figure out what I should do for a living, when the times comes to go back to work.

I don’t feel quite as dazed today. So, good. I did all the things I said I wanted to yesterday, so that’s good. Made pork chops for dinner last nite, with yummy homemade gravy. I think I might make crockpot chicken cacciatore for tonight, since I have a retarded amount of chicken. And a retarded number of green peppers for stuffed peppers. I wonder how much rice I have….. Today, I’m going to one of the best waterfalls in the area with “new old friend” for a hike; never been there, so I’m looking forward to it. I just wish it were a little warmer, & a little sunnier. After that, I have to do some grocery shopping. I also have to update something with my health insurance, cuz my first appointment with my new PCP is next week. I gotta get in the shower before I try going back to bed lol…


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