I don’t wanna leave it. I feel like I’m half asleep, while my mind is buzzing away. Thinking about relationships, in general. I think I’m pretty much over my ex. (Though he is coming over for a little bit after school today. And I wanna bring him for a drive this weekend, if it’s nice enough out. Haha.) …I think I’m over the relationship. Ok with the friendship. Lol. I think I’d really love to date “old friend”. But, who knows how well that’d work out?! Worth the shot, if the opportunity even exists still. I can’t count on it too much. Can’t count on anything in life, except death I guess lol. I think I’d love to do a lot of things for my cousin, & his friend. But I don’t know what. My mind is spinning too much to pick something. Lots of ideas, no focus or energy. And I know that’s ok; nobody expects anything from me. But that’s who I am- I always wanna do nice things for people, & myself. I wanna scope out the friend’s kitchen situations, so I can make dinner for everyone one night, in his bar. And so I can make breakfasts in the morning, since the friend & I are always up way before my cousin. The friend has a lot of trouble sleeping since his concussion. So, I kinda wanna see if I could get him to hit the bowl, eat some breakfast, & get some extra rest on the mornings that I’m there. Lol. An hour of sleep is not good for anyone. Especially when his brain seems to need to heal. Not that the weed will help too much with that LOL, but it may help him relax enough to get some extra sleep. Which he desperately needs. He basically said it feels like his brain is convulsing every 30 seconds. Though, he sure doesn’t act like it. So, that must be difficult to deal with, heh. I dunno… I made candles. Lol. I don’t know who to give them to, or if I should be giving them to anyone; the one I lit doesn’t seem to smell anywhere near as much as I thought it would. At least it works as a candle I guess, LOL. I think I’ll give one to my cousin; he’s got some candles around his camper. Speaking of…I wanna tidy up his camper one of these days too hahaha.

Oh…ex is bringing my garbage can up for me…lol…

ETA : And the mail! Wow, he’s like a new man!! LOL. He hung out for, like, a couple hours. We’re both zombies today.

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