11ish hours of sleep…

Well that was nice, lol. I definitely needed it; I only got 3 hours the night before…after my cousin’s friend tried to make out with me, lol! I got a lil sick the next day (yesterday), out of nowhere. I was standing outside the camper smoking a cigarette; my cousin had gone to check on his friend (who got even less sleep than me) & see if he wanted to come over & watch a movie. When they came back, I was just finishing my smoke. They went inside, & all of a sudden my heart started pounding (totally physical, not psychological) & I started getting kinda disoriented, like an anxiety attack was coming on. But then I started gagging. It was like one of the shots hadn’t digested, just hung out in my stomach for god knows how many hours. Once I puked that shit up, I was just fine. My cousin took me back to my car, picked up his mom, picked up some KFC, & they came over for a little bit, to check out a few things around the house that need to be repaired. I wanted my cousin’s advice about prioritizing things that need to be fixed, & he gave me a couple ideas…I just don’t know what to do with said ideas, heh. Still, progress. Didn’t do much else yesterday. Just tidyed up around the house, & went to bed early.

Not sure what I’m doing today. I’m behind in my Bullet Journal, so I should probably catch up on that first, heh.

(Wow. I posted this on the wrong blog earlier, lol. Maybe 11 hours sleep wasn’t enough…LOL)


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