Holy. Balls.

I literally just downloaded the WordPress app so I could post here instead of bothering  (ex)hubby….lol!! I’m also pretty drunk… And so is my cousin, who laid down about 5 minutes ago, and is already snoring. Hehehe. 

Well, I’m laying in the bed in his camper. And I have to post because… I’m beyond positive, at this point, that his friend, who owns the property next door to his, has a crush on me. Haha. I’ve had the feeling since I first came out here, lol. But now…wow. LOL. Um… He noticed the fake pearl necklace I wear….. and gave me some real pearls. I asked literally about 4 times “are you sure about this?!”, and he insisted. He also said something about getting real diamonds in my ears, & I was nervously like “hahahaha, what!?” And then, when he was “helping me get my stuff” out of my cousins truck, he tried to stick his tongue down my throat…………………. there aren’t enough “…s” LOL. I kissed him, for a moment, but didn’t let it get too involved. He hugged me,  several times, haha. When we were alone in the trailer for a moment, I tried to explain and apologize and encourage friendship as much as I could in like 30 seconds, & he seemed totally cool and understanding, and slightly embarrassed for making the effort. Though he shouldn’t be; that was a respectably ballsy move, and I can’t hate on that, Lol! He’s a real sweetheart, and I’ve had a great time the past few weeks hanging out with my cousin and him. But I made it clear to him that I’m not interested in anything right now, and he said he totally understands cuz he’s kinda still there with his ex wife. So………………… I’ve had an interesting night, LOL.

Eta: I was just looking at the “real pearls”…& they’re definitely not real lolol


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