So tired.

All the time. It’s midnight, & I’m already looking forward to tomorrow’s coffee. Hahaha.

So, (ex)Hubby came over for a few minutes after school to get his leftovers. He even offered to help bring my father to the doctor, but I declined. Everything went fine getting my father around to the podiatrist; I requested a culture to see if that’s what’s going on. “New old friend” was pretty beat after work, so he wants to hang out Saturday nite; I told him we’ll see how hungover I am, haha. So, I went grocery shopping, instead of waiting til tomorrow afternoon. Got some sushi. And more chicken cuz I forgot I’d gotten some last time I went. Oosh. Played Ingress a little bit too, for the first time in over a year; reclaimed a couple of my old portals, LOL.


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