It’s always a bit of a disappointment when I wake up. I could really use to sleep for like a month, heh. I have (ex)Hubby on my mind. I…just don’t know how to feel. Why did he give up on me like that?! I don’t wanna talk to him about “us” until after the semester is over; even though he’s super apathetic about school (too distracted by what he’s done to his ladies lol), it’s added stress that I’d rather wait to dissipate a bit before working on something like that. Though, he’s probably just too lazy to work on anything :/ *sigh* I don’t know.

He’s coming over after class for some leftovers. Then I gotta take my father to the foot doctor (& I haven’t taken him anywhere alone since he’s been using a walker, so wish me luck! heh). Then, I gotta maybe celebrate the sabbat. Then, I gotta go smoke with new old friend after his walk in the rain heh. My eyes are already tired, heh… At least I’m not panicky…yet…


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