Actually made myself busy today…

After I got my father’s handicap sticker, I decided to go out to the hunting store to see if they had pepper spray. They did. I was hoping they’d have “hiking gloves”, but they said maybe the outdoor store. So, I went there & they said Dick’s sporting goods, heh. Stopped by the ATM. Dropped some stuff off at Salvy. Got myself a lil burger from BK, hehe. Decided to go get a new phone, which I’ve been putting off for at least a year; I really like my new one so far. Maybe I can play Ingress again, & get out of the house more! Haha. Then I went all the way out to Dick’s – found cross training gloves that’ll suffice as hiking gloves, hehe. Came home & chatted with (ex)Hubby (his “girlfriend” is still being a freak), my cousin (he bought a table with fire in it lol), & my new old friend (who I might go smoke with tomorrow nite) for a while. I’m tired. I should go to bed soon. But I’m not sleepy…..


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