Interesting convo…

Well, (ex)Hubby came over. He ended up hanging out for almost 3 hours; he might’ve stayed longer but he had to catch a movie with his dad. He was real quiet, & hardly looking at me. So, I could tell he was holding something back. It took a while, but he cracked. And cried quite a bit. He feels real stupid for getting involved with this other chick, & all the bullshit surrounding that situation. Including guilt over what he did to me. As well as a bunch of other shit spinning around in his mind. And pondering their breakup, & our breakup, lol. Ugh. Wtf. Consequences of his decisions. And I was trying to be his friend. It wasn’t that hard. It only hurt about 5%. Heh. Just…the reality of the situations he created is so absurd. Why would anyone do that?!? He doesn’t know, hahaha. Whatever. He’s trying to get a new job, full time. I was like “oh, that’s fuckin’ nice!” LOL Jesus fucking christ. So, I let the ex in me vent a little about how he should’ve invested more money & energy into us, instead of into video games & beating off. Heh. It is what it is. His shitty decisions. I don’t know what else to say.

So… they actually did come & pick up the mower. They also said they’d take the old mower taking up space in my garage. Cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed, did a bunch of laundry, went through the mail & newspaper, organized my “mega list” a little, did dishes, & made sketti & pesto meatballs. I’m tired. And worn out. How do I relax…??


6 thoughts on “Interesting convo…

    • Honestly, it’s still there lol. In my mind, I can (for the most part) separate the ex in me from the friend in me. Plus, he knows where he went wrong, so he’s probably more bitter with himself than I am; I’m just trying to help him learn from his mistakes, LOL.
      tl;dr – Compassion. lol.

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      • I hope you dont mind that i asked, and that i am asking again ahaha. Is there any chance the two of you could get back?


      • I don’t mind at all! πŸ™‚
        I have no idea. I’m willing to work on things, but he doesn’t seem to be, for whatever reason. I’m waiting until the semester is over & (hopefully) the dust settles with his “girlfriend” before poking at the issue, heh. (Stay tuned! LOL)

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      • Yay thanks for answering. I was just really curious and i am hoping to learn more about relationships haha. I will surely stay tuned! Nice to meet you. See you around β˜ΊπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€


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