No better word to summarize how I’m feeling, ha. Really tired. My back hurts, & I think I’m starting to get cramps (which shouldn’t start til tomorrow). I just feel like I’m in a bubble of low energy. I have to go to my aunt’s later this afternoon to meet up with my cousin &…I’m not sure wtf we’re doing. He said he wants to plant stuff, but I don’t know if that’s still on the table, or if we’re just going right out to the land. He said his neighbor out there is making tacos tonight, so I’m assuming we’re going over there for dinner, lol. I already pity my poor tummy & whoever’s toilet I end up destroying tomorrow morning, LOL. Ugh. So gross. It’s gonna be a rough weekend…& week ahead. I vaguely mentioned a couple things I had to do yesterday on a forum, & someone said “woah, that’s a lot to do!” No, no it wasn’t, lol. That was only like 33% of my daily responsibilities. And I never feel like I’m doing enough. Even though I’m constantly running myself into the ground… :/


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