Running out of steam..

I cleaned in the dining room for about an hour today. Holy shit. What a bunch of garbage. Painted my nails, did my bills (UGH so annoying!), got cigarettes, & made Cajun chicken pasta for dinner. I requested service from my favorite appliance repair place to fix my riding mower about a week ago maybe, & never heard from them. So, I called, & they don’t have a trailer. So, I called the place we went to last year (who never called us back after the last time it broke down, maybe a month after we got it back from being fixed), & they’ll pick it up next week. Yeesh. I’m tired. My internet’s slow, so paying bills was frustrating. Turned in some of my father’s lotto tickets that have been laying around for god knows how long. Played $3, won $1. I’m tired.


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