Satisfied with my day..

My cousin asked me to see if I could find him a sweet cherry tree for his property, so I spent an hour at the nursery, looking at all the lovely plants. Sent him a bunch of pics, including a sweet cherry tree, hehe. Bought myself a little peace lily & a small self watering pot; of course, the lily base is too big for the pot, so I have it placed in there like an asshole for now. I think I need to divide it to get it to survive properly, heh. After I got home, I did work on my running to do list, & cleaned the bathroom. I actually moved a hamper that I’ve never seen moved in my life. I like the extra space, & I like that my father isn’t bouncing off it when he comes to my room. Heh. I gotta figure out what to put there. I got a lot of random shit done, hehe.

Didn’t hear from (ex)Hubby today. I’m a little sad, a little mad, & kinda meh about it. Well…maybe more mad than I’ll admit, heh. I think that’s just growing in general. I dunno. I’m tired, heh.


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