I’m really good at running myself into the ground. My back & hips are so sore & achy. Spent 2 1/2 hours outside today – an hour clearing vines & debris off some of my rocks, a half hour cleaning in the garage, & an hour setting up my firepit & burning a lil bit of stuff. I need to put more stones in my firepit, but I had enough walking back & forth. Sat out & had a beer while I burned a tiny bit of my pile; it was nice. Then I took a shower & headed out. Had a coupon for donut holes hehe, got lunch at McDonald’s (the one where exHubby said “I love you” for the first time, hmph), grabbed a couple things from the dollar tree, bought a new purse for summer events (like the concert I still haven’t bought my ticket for), & did some grocery shopping. Very busy day. I’m a very tired gal. I’m mad that I couldn’t get the push mower started; I’m too wimpy, heh. Oh well. I gotta call the mower place; I guess they didn’t get my damn email.


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