My body is still killing me…

My back & ass. Ugh. I think I’ve almost caught up on my sleep though, heh. *sigh* It’s a nice rainy day; I’m glad I got all that outside stuff done yesterday. I just hope my firepit doesn’t turn into a perpetual hole of water, heh. Our soil around here starts turning into clay, like, 2 inches under the surface. And I don’t really know what I’m doing, lol. At least I left all the dirt right next to the pit, in case I need to fill it back in, heh. So today, I’m not leaving the house except to bring the garbage cans back up. I’m probably not going to work on the attic today, either. I don’t know, maybe. I keep having to push back cleaning half the bathroom cuz I keep getting too busy; so I’m gonna do that, & try to minimize my running to do list (cuz it’s getting pretty lengthy, heh).

ETA : Finally finished reading that article on codependence : “What would it be like if we all felt safe asking for help when we need it and giving to others when we have extra love/energy/time/attention/money/bandwidth to give to those in need?” I still got dumped after 11 years, despite any give & take… :/


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