Well, yesterday’s hike was like 3 hours long & fairly challenging. My body hurts. But it was worth it, haha. So today I’ve gotta catch up on some things. It’s sunny, so I wanna do some yardwork, but it’s pretty cold. I should push mow the front yard. Try to, at least. I should go to the grocery store today too, instead of waiting, since it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. *sigh* I want to rest more. My body is sore & very tired. I took a bath last nite, made pork chops for dinner, & got about 8 hours sleep; so…I can’t imagine how much worse I’d feel if I didn’t do all that, heh. I have a bunch of stuff on my running to do list that I wanted to take care of, but I keep putting it off. I may have to put it off til tomorrow. Ugh, too much to do, too little energy….


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