Yeah, I definitely needed some socialization

And, really, no one better to chat with, haha. I still feel like a person today, heh!

Though, I am a bit spacey. lol. My mind isn’t spinning too bad; I just can’t focus. Probably just tired. I woke up at 9:59. So, I got about 7 hours of sleep. I wonder why I can’t sleep enough lately. Normally, if I don’t set an alarm, I can sleep for 9 hours, & wake up feeling (almost) awesome, lol! Holy dicks!…tickets for the show I wanted to go to are $45! FOR WHAT?!? I always used to love going to concerts. But never shows that cost more than $30 a ticket lol. Fuckin’ a! $45, just to spend more money at the bar & watch some guys play an instrument?!? Bitch. Ass. Probably still gonna go. I was watching some of a local performance by these guys on YouTube a few days ago – as I’d expected, the crowd was lame & barely moving. Back in the day, my “super ex” & I used to try to make everyone dance, lol. It was quite a challenge, LOL. I got a kiss from a (semi-famous) musician for my efforts one time though, LOL. Dude I hung out with last night told me where I might be able to find pepper spray, so I definitely have to go now lolol.

I should probably try to figure out what to do with myself today, though I really don’t feel like doing shit right now…

ETA : “If you don’t let yourself have needs and get them met, you most likely won’t show up in a healthy way when someone you love is needy.” -Lissa Rankin. Yup! That’s me!!! :/


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