Well that was surprisingly fun

This friend is the kind of person who can get along with just about anyone. Like me. And we have some stuff in common. We always got along great when we worked together back in the day. We reminisced a bit. Caught up a bit. He went through a lot of shit with his ex. Caused him a lot of anxiety. He’s doing pretty fuckin’ well for himself now though. He’s better off without her. So, I planned on hanging out for at least an hour; 3 hours blew by before he had to kick me out lol. I brought over some beer; only had 1 & a half. Smoked, like, 3 bowls. He introduced me to a band called July Talk, which was pretty good. So, yeah. Came home & ate a tv dinner immediately lol. It was fun. I should be getting ready for bed. I’m still a lil buzzed, from the nice convo & the beer, haha.


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