Damn you, WalMart lady…

Well, I went to WalMart earlier than I usually do. Spent over an hour & a half looking for stuff. Went to grab my last thing, & left my cart in an aisle so I wouldn’t have to run people over in the tiny healthcare section. I left it for less than 5 minutes, & one of the employees stole it & brought it to returns. I had a full cart. I argued with her, cuz she was saying “it was there quite a while“. No, I know it wasn’t. I grabbed my father’s vitamins, had a 90 second conversation with some random guy, tried & failed to take my blood pressure, & my cart was gone. Over the course of probably 20 minutes, she saw it in various places in her area because I was looking for stuff all over her area. But it kept moving. Because I was still fucking using it. So began the first time I’ve ever vocally & alone started swearing up a storm to myself, lol. “Un-fuckin’-believable. God fucking dammit. You gotta be fucking kidding me.” Etc. I think I got everything; thank god I didn’t delete my items from my list as I went along. I’m gonna bring a “please don’t fucking touch my cart” note next time. Fuck!

Got myself a few things. A real cheap camisole. An $8 watch that I like a lot; I tend to forget what time it is within a second of looking. A new fake pearl necklace, $5. And a glitter lamp. Spent $35 on myself, in total. Fuck it.

As I was leaving, I noticed someone I was kinda friends with in high school, & at one of my old jobs. We talked for a few minutes. He said he’s been going through a divorce with my bff from 6th-8th grade for 2 years now. They were together for a decade too. So, we said we should get together & have a couple beers or whatever. He said he was going for a hike today, rain or shine; & so I told him I was looking for local trails just yesterday. So, maybe I have a new hiking companion so I don’t get lost in the woods, lol. If I can avoid panicking, heh; I was freaking out for about 3 minutes of the conversation, for no reason.

I gotta finish putting my stuff away…


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