My father’s blood test results…

Why do these fucking physicians bother sending test results, when most people can’t read them. It’s not the physicians, I know, it’s the medical companies they work for. But, I can just imagine they’d make someone who doesn’t understand them paranoid as fuck, lol. Ugh. At least I know a little bit, which makes me happy. I felt kinda proud after my aunt helped me take my father to the doctor last week, cuz she said she doesn’t understand half of what the doctor was saying while he was mumbling to himself, but I caught quite a bit of it. (He vocally tries to put puzzle pieces together.) And she’s been dealing with other people’s health issues most of her life. Kinda like me, heh. Except she doesn’t have any education or work experience in healthcare. Now, I do.

So….. His cholesterol is actually quite good; my aunt said statins stay in the system for a month after ending them, but it’s been more than a month, & it’s still looking surprisingly good. (He’s back on them now.) His sodium is a tiny bit high (guess I gotta reduce his salt even more), as is his carbon dioxide level (most likely from smoking / emphysema). His glucose was a bit high too (109, when it should be below 91…100 is where you can start getting nervous, heh); I wonder if that’s from the alcohol, though. His proteins were a little bit low, but not a big deal…I don’t think…though I’m not a doctor heh. The only concerning thing I can see is…his white blood cell count is pretty high, implying he has an infection (14.1, when it should be less than 10.8). His immune system is creating & sending the fleet to fight it, obviously…..


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