Hm. Sad.

Woke up feeling almost halfway decent. Anxiety started building just before going to therapy. Another hour of getting to know me. Feeling a little pessimistic about the…the way psychoanalysis goes? I don’t know. I feel like my issues are too complicated to even make a list of what to work on, heh. Anxiety was pretty bad when I left, & then depression started creeping in. I almost started crying in the parking lot. It might be…I was kinda upset to hear my next appointment wouldn’t be for 2 weeks. Plus, I’ve had “old friend” on my mind for a couple days. Plus, a bunch of other shit spinning around in my head, including (ex)Hubby. I can’t even pick & run with a thought. I’m just sad now. Mind racing, & sad. Not quite depressed…yet. And I gotta try to figure out how to avoid that. I feel like a mental dimmer switch is turned down a bit. I just wanna sleep it off. But I’m not tired. Just sad. Really down. Gotta try to feel better…

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