I want a lazy day

But no. I’ve got a few things to do. Including find out when the hell my cousin wants to go camping, & what I need to bring. I’m too organized for last minute / day before plans, heh. I like to be prepared. Uggggggh, my intestines are bugging me today. Already pooped 5 fucking times, & I’ve only been up for like 3 hours. I did pig out quite a bit last nite, though, haha. Haven’t done that since before (ex)Hubby left. Had my sushi & berries. Then a little later, made myself some sauteed mushrooms & soup, & then I ate a few Oreos & a couple pieces of candy x) I was gonna say I don’t think that would cause these tummy probs, but…I did also have Arby’s for lunch, soo…lol. Maybe that’s all what the problem is, lol. Made myself a couple eggs for breakfast the past couple days too. Makes me feel a bit better than soup, haha.

It’s nice & rainy today. I wish it were a bit warmer though. I actually didn’t wake up panicking for a change. (That wasn’t just from exHubby leaving; it’s been happening, seemingly based on my general stress/anxiety levels, for at least 4 years.) But I actually feel ok so far. My mind’s a little spinny, but not unbearably so. So, today… Gotta find out about camping, make curry, do dishes, clean the bathroom, wrap up the week in my Bullet Journal, & organize all the new shit I have to do. And try to fucking relax. I need coffee…


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