Bad sleep

Despite the ZQuil. Just kept waking up. Woke up 20min before my alarm was set to go off because 2 cats started wheezing simultaneously. Before that, the curtain fell & scared me awake. And then there was a lot of tossing & turning before that. For 7 hours. At least falling asleep wasn’t much of a problem. I ended up checking in with (ex)Hubby myself after my post last nite. And he was there for me as much as he could be. He offered to ask his sister in law if she’d be willing to talk. I kinda hope she is; I need all the support I can get. “Whatever happened between us doesn’t mean no one cares.” No one ever asked me for my number in the 10+ years we were together, to imply that they care. But whatever. I need help. At least my stomach isn’t bothering me… yet. That’s surprising, cuz I’m super nervous for my first therapy appointment. Shaky, even. And soooo fucking tired. I gotta get something to eat, & get in the shower by 10….

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